My spiritual path soared to a whole new level after my son was born in 2000. When he was a year old I started having some interesting spiritual experiences. I became more sensitive to energy and  decided to take some classes to help understand what was happening. Through the classes I was able to understand my intuitive gifts and utilize them to help people in a positive, loving way.

I am a Certified Reiki Master,  Energy Intuitive and Psychic Medium. I love immersing myself in all things to do with Intuition and Energy and continue to study and read all that I can in order to help my clients heal and move forward in life and reach their highest potential. Everyone has the ability to be intuitive it's just that sometimes help and support is needed to unlock those gifts. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient Spiritual Medium. Through these three senses I am able to connect to the soul's Energy System and communicate with loved ones on the other side.



Energy Grid Medicine

Chakra Balancing

Criss-Cross Energy Alignment


Card Readings

Flower Essences

I look forward to helping you achieve more peace and balance in you or your pet's lives!





From Jesse

"Trisha is a wonderful, in tune healer. Such a joy to see her. So relaxing and fun, she really gets to the root cause of any disturbance in a neutral, loving way. She gives a lot of helpful insight. She has throughout the years, been a wonderful source of support for me. And by the end of a session, I feel so balanced and alive! Thank you so much for your work Trisha!”

From Annie

"Trisha is a truly gifted intuitive. She has given me great insight into areas of my life that I needed help with and I am amazed at the guidance that Trisha provides. She has effortless clarity into situations and relationships and has helped me move forward on my path in dealing with challenges. I always feel lighter and happier after a session with Trisha."

From Katie

“Trisha is an extremely gifted intuitive. She identified emotions and feelings that I had not shared with her prior to the session that I been struggling with and hadn’t fully released. I also appreciate her compassionate candor. She pointed out an unconscious pattern I was engaging in which was a block in my consciousness that had kept me from being honest with myself about something I had been refusing to face in my life.”