Each person and their soul is unique therefore each session with me will be unique and tailored to you! I only work only in the Light and
welcome people of all faith’s and and backgrounds who desire positive light-centered healing for themselves. Before each session I set the
intention for all healing to be for your Soul’s highest purpose.

The following sessions are available in person at my local office in Bellevue, WA or via Skype/Telephone.

Can You Guess The #1 Thing My Clients Ask For?
It Is Simply This: ”Please Help Me Find Peace And Balance In These Crazy Times!”

Intuitive Guidance & Energy Healing:

Time is precious and most of us are under a tremendous amount of stress. These sessions are designed to help you connect with your intuition to find that peace and balance in the midst of our often overwhelming and stressful current environment. Taking time for yourself to receive an energetic re-charge will most definitely allow you to face your life with more peace and balance.

These sessions are 60 or 90 minutes depending on what you are needing and how many questions you have. I recommend selecting the 60 min reading if you are looking for a general energetic tune-up with a couple of questions. If you have several issues and questions, and need some deeper healing, I recommend 90 minutes.

During the session I will connect to your soul in order to bridge an open channel of communication and healing. I will also read your energy system and clear out any stuck and/or negative energy. With assistance from your guides and my guides we will work in the light together to re-balance your energy system and bring it up to a healthy functioning level that is for your highest good.

Most people report having a greater sense of clarity, peace, balance and calm after a reading. I will answer any questions you have If I do not have a solid answer I will let you know. During the session the following healing techniques may be included depending on what your soul is needing at the time: Energy Medicine, Grid Healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, Archangels, or Soul Retrieval.

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60 mins - $111.0090 mins - $155.00

Connecting With Our Pets On A Soul Level Is Key In Having An Enjoyable

Animal Communication:

Connecting with our pets on a soul level is key in having an enjoyable partnership! I find that most of my clients know their pet is trying to communicate to them but just need that extra confidence to affirm
what it is they suspect. I just need a picture of your pet along with their name, location and few questions. Once we start the session, asking questions usually starts the process of opening up the communication channels between all involved. If for some reason, I am not receiving any information, I will let you know and refund your payment. During these sessions I may utilize Energy Healing and Reiki to facilitate healing for the highest good for all involved. 30 or 60 min readings are available depending on how many questions you have. I recommend the 30 min session for a general check in and the 60 for a deeper look into the issues.

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30 mins - $55.0060 mins - $111.00